10 de marzo de 2015

Apple Watch Elevator Pitch: Forget the Sublime. Focus on the Mundane.

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Apple Watch Elevator Pitch: Forget the Sublime. Focus on the Mundane.
John C Abell on LinkedIn
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It took Apple 9 hours to make this gorgeous strap for the Apple Watch...
Apple has always been known for its attention to detail.
10 Sentences Good Managers NEVER Say - EVER
Bernard Marr
If you've ever had a bad boss, you probably have a litany of sentences tucked away in your memory that stand out as the red...
American Express Loses, But Who Wins the Most With the New Costco Card...
Visa and Citigroup will provide credit card services to the massive retailer starting next year. Neither will likely be the top...
DARPA and Lockheed Martin Offer U.S. Navy a Deadly New Ship-Killing Missile
For years, rumors of China's new "carrier-killer" DF-21D Dong Feng missile have had U.S. military planners in a tizzy. Believed...
7 things Apple definitely won't launch at its Apple Watch event tomorrow
Apple is expected to fully unveil the Apple Watch tomorrow — we'll hear all about the device's specs, pricing, and imminent...
Why Macy's Thrives While J.C. Penney Dives
Investors had a hint of what was coming, even if it was from an unusual source. - Rich Duprey - Consumer Goods
Ford Motor Company's Most Insane Vehicle Yet Will Also Be Its Most...
Ford's GT is priced to compete with a Lamborghini Aventador, but what's that mean for investors? - Daniel Miller - Industrials
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